CNC Punching

High precision, stable machining quality;

Working area: 1.5M*5M Sheet Metal Stamping  processing format can be completed at a time;

Multi-axis linkage can be carried out, processing complex-shaped parts can be cut;

Machined parts changes, generally only need to change the program can save the production preparation time;

High precision, high rigidity of the press itself, you can select favourable machining and high productivity;

Punch a high degree of automation, you can reduce labor intensity;

Easy, have a certain knowledge of basic computer training 2-3 days may start to operate;     

Metal Forming and Piercing
Metal forming is the process of converting a flat piece of sheet metal into a three dimensional part.

Progressive stamping
Progressive stamping improves productivity by automating multiple steps(including stamping, blanking, piercing and forming). 

Deep Draws
Deep drawing is the process of making a piece of flat sheet metal and forming it into a three dimensional part such as a can, box, cup, or tube.

Four-Slide Stamping
Four-slide is another type of stamping which highly save the cost of material and tooling. 

CNC Punching
​Through a combination of simple molds, saves molding cost compare with metal stamping.
Laser Cutting
Laser cutting technology is widely used in metal and non-metallic materials processing.