Our Service

Customer Services

Our aim is to exceed your expectations with every metal stamping product. Cutting edge technology, combined with the our professional sales team, allows us to consistently deliver on just the kind of innovative and flexible manufacturing processes so often required to meet your immediate needs. Creativity, efficiency and the ever growing commitment to our customer are the keys to our continual success.

Engineering Services

Our engineer will assist with you from materials options to specify critical dimensions and part function. material type, thickness and temper can significantly affect the cost of a finished part. and a component’s function should dictate its design, ask our experts about design feasibility and some of the practical aspects of the manufacturing process. design simplicity is cost effective.

​Our engineers team and prototyping specialists look at all aspects of the design and work with you to ensure that every detail is in order.

Value-Added Services

Our value-added operations include a variety of secondary & finishing services like machining, welding, heat treating, finishing and assembly services. we offer value-added operations to complement to our complete metal fabrication capabilities. For wide-ranging and comprehensive part fabrication, our secondary operations allow us to deliver parts and assemblies that are completed and finished to your precise requirements. Our “one-stop-shop” approach offers significant cost savings, as well as expedited turnaround times.

Industry Served

We serves a wide range of industries. Call us today to discuss your needs and how we might serve you. Industries Served: Recreational, Vehicles, Aerospace, Appliances, Agricultural, Consumer Products, Furniture, Transportation, Automotive, Braking Systems